For more than half my life I was dedicated to careers in which having strong core values was prioritized above all. Those values both defined who I am as a human being and shaped my reputation. Maremonte Realty is a brokerage built on the core values of Integrity, Trust, Preparedness, Commitment, Family, and Passion, and are the cornerstone of Maremonte Realty’s reputation. These principles are what is demanded of any Realtor whom works for any Maremonte Realty Brokerage.


Many would define integrity as, “Doing the right thing even when nobody was looking”, and this should be a quality that any man or woman holds near and dear to them not only in life, but in business as well. In Real Estate this is especially important as often you are representing a clients life’s savings. The Maremonte Realty standard is that if every keystroke typed or word spoken was printed on the front page of the biggest newspaper or magazine, we would not be ashamed or embarrassed. That is the gold standard of doing business with the highest degree of integrity.


Trust is hand in hand with integrity, however we make our careers on Trust. Our clients come back time and time again, because our core values earn their trust without doubt!


I have always felt that luck was where those who prepared met opportunity. In my first career the price of being unprepared was life and death, therefore excuses were not an option. We believe that the our clients deserve the same expectations when trusting us with the biggest investment of their lives. Our agents are expected to deliver impeccable research, marketing, and negotiating to execute a designed strategy, and nothing less is acceptable.


While we certainly are committed to our clients first and foremost, commitment is not just an oath. Our commitment is one of excellence, a desire to refine our craft to the highest level expected of a professional.


With the display of our core values in the way we do business we do remain friends with almost all our clients and many are like family. However Maremonte Realty knows that our own families are often who we work to support, and we want our agents to keep their families in mind when we do business. Our desire is to be able to explain our business practices to our children or family members and them still be proud of us. If we can do that , then we are doing business the right way!


As in everything in life when you have a passion for something it is easy to give your all and commit to the level of business Maremonte Realty demands. We want anyone working for Maremonte Realty to have the passion for real estate that we have. Our passion makes our work fun, and if your passion dies and our profession becomes work it is time to progress to your next phase of career.